Welcome to Caligraphyx online shop! With us you will find some of the most high quality and innovative decals for your walls, cars Campers and basically anything you can apply a transfer sticker to.

We provide a large selection of wall decals such as tree and flower wall decals, animal wall decals, modern wall decals, and some special cute designs for children. What' more, our website is definitely the right destination for those who are just looking for some quotes to decorate their walls.

If there is anything that you don't find on our website be sure to message us and we are sure to be able to find a solution to providing what you need or require. We are constantly adding new products and designs to our website catalogue so feel free to create an account and stay updated with offers and products.

If you can imagine it we could most likely design and make it.

Our graphic decals are all made of premium vinyl,which is totally Eco friendly and can be used in any smooth surfaces. Don't worry if you have no idea about how to apply these decals, as they come with full instructions on how to apply. 

Decals has become very popular in recent years and is an affordable and fun way to decorate your home, business or vehicle. 

So contact us if you any enquiry and we will love to help and answer any questions you have.